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Multi-color flooding system
Multi-color flooding system of stainless steel. Impregnating, priming and intermediate coating – all done in one system.

With integrated sewage treatment

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We offer three types of well proved and future-oriented plant engineering.
Competent problem solving for the individually required capacity:

Standard equipment – pneumatic feed pump, 1 cycle – manual control.

Standard equipment – electrical special eccentric screw pump, 1 cycle – manual control.

This machine is a successful combination of trendsetting technology, modern SPS control with display, automatic process with self-regualtion, and electrical special purpose eccentric screw pumps.

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Longevity – all parts made from stainless steel
4 centered tubular jet bars allow an optimum application of paint to all surfaces and depressions – a very important aspect when it comes to intermediate coating
Fast change of color shade (approx. 12 – 15 minutes)
Material saving
integrated sewage treatment and environment-friendly disposal
easy to handle – clean working place
fully automatic electrical control (type III)
the electro screw pump can progressively be adjusted by the frequency changer and thus allows the use of flooding products of different viscosities (impregnation / priming / intermediate coating). The working point of a maximum of 0.8 – 1 bar ensure long running times and a careful treatment of the flooded piece
the stable quality of the flooding translucents is guaranteed by a double filtration. This means that the surfaces are even and time is saved during intermediate grinding.
The inside and the drop-off zone are made from PE for an unproblematic cleaning.
Coagulation system
The system’s self-cleaning is always linked to a coagulation system where clean water is taken in from the bottom vessel and sewage is pumped into the upper vessel of the system. After this process of scouring (duration approx. 12 – 15 minutes) the system can be used for the next shade of color. The drop-off zone can be cleaned by means of a high pressure cleaner (included in delivery). Enameling and dirt residues floating in the water are separated by adding a coagulant. After filtration of the coagulate the system is left with water that can be used for the next process of scouring.

This system helps you to combine environmental protection and considerable cost savings in the fields of disposal and water consumption.

Our flooding system – Type III – EXCLUSIV – is provided with a modern SPS control monitoring all worksteps of the operation.

All process and time data significant for the operation of the flooding and coagulation system can be entered by using the signaling display.

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