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Electrohydraulic laminating press Type EHLP 3000


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Operative range
For laminating window and door edges
For laminating solid wood or beams
For manufacturing laminated beams
Electrohydraulic laminating press Workpiece length 6000-15000 mm Workpiece height 1500 mm Material thickness 150-400 mm

Design and technics
Stand model
Heavy bolted/welded frame construction
Extremely sturdy design
Pressure beams of thick-walled, polished special profiles
Including hold-down parking station for pneumatic hold-down
Fixed pressure beams
Push button safety control with switch for complete machine and group circuits
Hydraulic aggregate with seat valves, pump, oil reservoir, manometer, pressure controler and indicator
Enamel finish aluminum gray/blue
Standard equipment
Pressure beam unit welded on to A-shaped machine part
Screwed modular construction
Parking station for hold-down
Hydraulic aggregate with increased output
Push button safety control with switch for complete machine and
Group circuits

Additional equipment
Hydraulic cylinder for up to 10500 kp (1005000 N)
Cylinder stroke 200 mm as special equipment
Push button control moveable in running guide
Technical details are subject to alterations.
It stands to reason that our machines are regularly adjusted according to the latest safety regulations and are fully guarded to European CE standards. Technical details, dimensions and illustrations are without obligation.

Special dimensions and extras on request.

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