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Hydrotec gluing stations


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Operative range
For gluing solid wood
For gluing stair steps
Hydraulik-gluing stations for gluing solid wood. Okö-hand-operated Hydraulic or electrohydraulic design. Single or multi-deck. Clamping width 2100-4500 mm Clamping depth 1100 mm Gluing thickness 80 mm. Special dimensions on request

Design and technics
Stand model or wheeled
Extremely sturdy welded steel construction
Absolutely plane bearing and supporting surfaces
Compact pressure beams with hydraulic cylinder, cylinder pressing power 2100 kp (21000 N) 130 mm stroke
Pendulum pressure plates 250 mm wide, 80 mm deep
Precision hole grid with holes at intervals of 50 mm
Counterpressure plates quick-insert system 80 mm deep
Hydraulic hold-down with automatic locking
Hand-operated hydraulic complete handpump with manometer or electrohydraulic aggregate with seat valves, pump, oil tank, control
Mutual pressure build-up of hold-down and pressure cylinder is automatically coordinated
Standard equipment
Base frame with rack
Fully hydraulic
Hydraulic compact pressure beam
Hydraulic hold-down with automatic locking
Manual drive from two decks on
Hydraulic complete handpump or
Electrohydraulic aggregate
Pressure build-up of hold-down and pressure cylinder is automatically coordinated

Additional equipment
Group circuits
Separate shut-off valves
Manual or electric drive

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Technical details are subject to alterations.
It stands to reason that our machines are regularly adjusted according to the latest safety regulations and are fully guarded to European CE standards. Technical details, dimensions and illustrations are without obligation.

Special dimensions and extras on request.

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