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Filter and pumping center


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Operative range
For filtering of impregnation and priming liquids that are dilutable with water or on a solvent borne basis.
Spray gun operated
Useable with all immersion tubs
Cleaning and transfer by pumping
Capacity 50 l/min. Suction height 6 m

Design and technics
Portable V2A housing
Compressed air membrane R 1/2 for water dilutable and solvent borne liquids
Standard equipment
Pressure regulator
Filter unit
Reuseable filter cartridge made of stainless steel
Pneumatic ON/OFF switch

Additional equipment
Spray gun equipment
For priming and impregnating of windows with muntins and door/window frames with mullions that cannot be dipped in an immersion tub
Spray gun with nozzle
Solvent-proof hose, 7,5 m long
Additional switching circuit with shut-off ball valve
Technical details are subject to alterations.
It stands to reason that our machines are regularly adjusted according to the latest safety regulations and are fully guarded to European CE standards. Technical details, dimensions and illustrations are without obligation.

Special dimensions and extras on request.

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