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(Hole grid system without energy carrier)


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Operative range
For all pressing and gluing operations, such as
window construction
completion of the interior
stairs and rack construction
Allround press. Universal application for all pressing and gluing operations. Clamping length 3000 mm Clamping height 2000 mm Material thickness 100 mm. Special dimensions on request

Design and technics
Sturdy and elegant welded frame construction and 10 mm thick sheet steel plate with hole grid with holes at intervals of 50 mm
Vertical stand design with approx. 15 degree slant
Angle of lower workpiece bearing surface and longitudinal stop are adjustable
Stoppers are 100 mm deep, replaceable and unscrewable
Magnetic positioning of pressure cylinders
Automatic locking of the abutment
Lockable mechanic hold-down device
Enamel finish aluminum gray/blue
Standard equipment
Vertical base frame inclined by approx. 15 degrees and 10 mm thick plate with hole grid with holes at intervals of 50 mm
Continuous support beam below, 100 mm deep, mounted fixedly
Continuous stopper beam, suitable for left-hand or right-hand side, 100 mm deep, mounted fixedly

Additional equipment
Hand-operated hydraulic cylinder with handle, pressing power 2000 kp (20000 N) pressing power, including pressure control valve
Hold-down device with arresting bolt and mechanic spindle
Mounting ladder moveable in guides, complete pressing area approachable
Additional lateral angular stopper for use at right-hand or left-hand side
Pendulum pressure plates attachable for angular workpieces for up to 30 degrees
Technical details are subject to alterations.
It stands to reason that our machines are regularly adjusted according to the latest safety regulations and are fully guarded to European CE standards. Technical details, dimensions and illustrations are without obligation.

Special dimensions and extras on request.

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