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Electrically heated multi-deck gluing station EVA


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Operative range
For gluing solid wood, furniture fronts, coffin parts
Electrically heated gluing stations with 4 or 6 decks. Clamping dimension 2100-3000 x 1100 - 1300 mm Special dimensions on request

Design and technics
Sturdy bolted/welded frame construction
(Easy transport and set-up)
Safety fence according to the standards of the German employer’s liability insurance association
Electric heating plates, hard anodized, gold color finish, glue repelling coating, resistant to abrasion and scratches
Two-hand safety control
Electrical gear motor driven by frequency changer
Enamel finish – aluminum gray/blue
Pressure is applied evenly to workpiece due to all-over top pressure
Plane workpiece when components are calibrated
No more glue failures in case of varying wood moistures
Low glue consumption
No glue crusts left on surface
Very short glue setting times
High output of up to 50 qm/h
Outstanding gluing quality even without optimum material conditions
While being pressed the material rests during the whole setting time (the static gluing procedure is of utmost importance for a perfect final quality)
Standard equipment
4 or 6 gluing decks
Description of a station with gluing dimensions: 2100 x 1100 mm (production example)
1 Deck consists of:
2 Electric heating plates approx. 3 kW each plate*
1 Electronic thermo regulator
1 Safety thermostat (gluing temperature approx. 50-65¡C)
7 Pneumatic cylinders 100 mm diameter, 100 mm stroke, pressing power per cylinder with 10 bar = 740 kp (7400 N)
Movable pressure plates 250 x 40 mm
Workpiece bearing rail 40 mm high, continuous
3 Pneumatic cylinders 100 mm diameter 450 mm stroke to operate the upper heating plate
2 Pneumatic ejection cylinder 63 mm diameter - 80 mm stroke for easy removal of the workpiece from the station
Feed opening 700 mm
Including electrical and pneumatic accessories

Additional equipment
Glue dispenser
Autom. feeder
Technical details are subject to alterations.
It stands to reason that our machines are regularly adjusted according to the latest safety regulations and are fully guarded to European CE standards. Technical details, dimensions and illustrations are without obligation.

Special dimensions and extras on request.

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